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Outdoor Living Inc. is the premier hardscape and stone veneer service provider in the greater Myrtle Beach area and the Grand Strand. We’ve installed outdoor grills, fireplaces, water features and wrap-around bars from Pawley’s Island to Loris and just about everywhere in between.


“Why adding a hardscape will benefit you”

The first thing people see is the exterior of your home.  A hardscape and veneer appearance adds instant appeal and functionality wherever it is installed.  The resale value will increase and buyers will gravitate your home to the top of their list.

Whether it’s an island bar, a fireplace, a fire pit, pool deck or maybe a beautiful new patio, you can share it with family and friends or enjoy it yourself for many years to come.


“Let your imagination run wild and see what’s possible”

If you’re ready to finally add a premium concrete feature to your property give us a call and we’ll help you choose the the right color for the right product at the right price!

“If you can dream it… We can build it”

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