So What Is A “Hardscape” Anyhow?

A hardscape is defined as “the nonliving or man-made fixtures of a planned outdoor area”. 

Simply put, hardscapes make your property more beautiful! We install outdoor fireplaces, pergolas, retaining walls, island bars & grills and paver patios and pool decks.

“A well chosen hardscape will add value to your property”

Adding a hardscape to your home is a smart way to add value to your property.  Not only do you get to enjoy it’s many features like the beautiful aesthetic appeal, you are also making an investment that will pay off in the future.  Your home value will surely increase depending on your design choices.

The functionality of designs like an outdoor kitchen with built in grills, or hardscape retainer walls for a split level garden or hills for example add so much more value.  The WOW! factor if you plan to entertain friends and family is evident the minute they see what you have created.


An outdoor fireplace is the center piece of any outdoor living space. From the majestic Grand Fireplace to the Victorian fire-pit, our outdoor fireplaces are sure to impress!

Retaining Walls

Nobody says retaining walls have to look boring and bland. Our selection of stones come in a variety of colors and styles to make sure they look beautiful as well as functional!

Surface Stones

We can color match our surface stones to compliment the exterior of your house and our huge selection of styles ensures that you’ll get just the look you want!


If a fireplace is the center-piece of any outdoor living space, then a pergola is the framework that makes it all come together. As functional as they are beautiful, pergolas make any outdoor living area really come to life!

Island Bars & Grills

Wrap-around bars, grills & more! If you love cooking outdoors and entertaining your guests while doing so, an outdoor bar and grill is just what you need!

Ready To Get Started?

“Which hardscape design is your favorite?”

You can have the property you’ve always dreamed of and we can help make it a reality!  All our work is customized with you in mind.  The design you choose and location on your property where you want to add a hardscape design of your desire is important for us to see your reality come true.  We take great  pride and get excited when you are very happy with the end result.

So where do you go from here?

The next step is to click the button and fill out a short form telling us about your project.  Next, we’ll review the form and call you to set up an on-site inspection and discuss your project in greater detail!  Even if your idea is not finalized in your thinking, we can start the process by answering any questions you have and offer ideas from our experiences that may enhance your project.

Our goal is to help you any way we can so you will be excited from the start and thrilled with the end result!

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